Your Bushes and Trees May Have a Silent Killer – Be on the Lookout for These Insects

Aphids on Branch PictureAt Heritage Lawns & Irrigation, we take care of a lot of trees and bushes in Kansas City landscapes. One of the worst things we see is when insects infest a plant and the homeowner didn’t notice it until the damage was severe. If you don’t have a professional managing your lawn and landscape, be sure to examine your trees and bushes often for insects and diseases. The sooner you catch these pesky insects, the better your chances are for saving your tree or bush.

Common Insect Infestation Signs to Look For

Knowing what to look for is half the battle. That’s why the horticulture specialists at Heritage have created this list to help you. By recognizing the symptoms immediately, you can treat these problems before disfiguring damage occurs to your landscape:


  • Spider Mites: Although these insects are too small to notice, the webs they create will not escape your attention. Look for fine webbing between branches and foliage during hot weather, especially on yews and burning bushes.
  • Lacewings: These delicate insects may look harmless, but they are capable of damaging your specimen azaleas. Watch for small, green insects with delicate, lacy wings.
  • Aphids: These small, bright-green insects are capable of completely covering and deforming new foliage and blossoms, especially on roses.
  • Evergreen Bagworms: These caterpillars hatch out of their cocoons and hang in small sacks around the end of May. They feed on the leaves and buds of a variety of evergreen trees, including junipers, cypress, pine and spruce.
  • Emerald Ash Borers: The larvae of this beautifully green-colored beetle feed on the interior bark layers of ash trees, and the damage they cause can disrupt the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients through the trunk. This insect is attacking in epidemic proportions and untreated ash trees will die. If you have an ash tree, make sure to have it treated or you will lose it.

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  • Japanese Beetles: These copper and green beetles are a threat to agriculture, as they can cause damage to more than 300 different types of ornamental plants. They are capable of completely stripping the foliage from your plants.

How to Save Your Trees and Bushes

Regular examination of your trees and bushes, as well as taking fast action at the first sign of these insects, will help save your trees and bushes. Although some types of insect infestations are easy to recognize, others require a professional. If a plant looks unhealthy, give Heritage Lawns & Irrigation a call and our horticulture experts can identify and treat your problem properly. By taking the time to examine your plants, bushes and trees, you can identify insect infestations early and save your plants.

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