The Biggest Lawn Care Perk – A Personal Lawn Coach

At Heritage Lawns and Irrigation, we have been making Kansas City lawns beautiful since 1995. But the way we do it is a little different from the rest of the pack. We use our exclusive Eco-Pride system because we’re in lawn care for the long term. There are three things that set our Eco-Pride system apart from all other lawn service companies:

  1. We are earth-friendly 
  2. We provide personal lawn coaches
  3. We back our services with our Greenback Guarantee 

What Is a Personal Lawn Coach?

Not sure who’s been working on your lawn, or even worse, what they’re doing to it? Does someone just show up, spray your lawn and leave? Are you left with lots of questions and no way to contact the person who actually did the service? That will never happen with Heritage. Our personal lawn coaches guarantee personal lawn care.

When you hire Heritage Lawns, the same lawn professional will take care of your lawn all season long. They will get to know you and your lawn and help identify and repair any issues or problem areas. You can contact your coach at any time and they will answer your questions and teach you the best practices for taking care of your lawn and landscape. With Heritage, you always know your lawn coach’s name and how to get ahold of them by cell phone. They’ll know your lawn from front to back!

Certified Lawn Technicians

So who are these lawn coaches who will be making these critical decisions about your lawn care? These aren’t high school kids looking for a summer job. Our lawn coaches are certified lawn technicians. Our team consists of horticulturists, state-certified route managers, and nationally certified landscape technicians. These lawn coaches have the training, education, and experience to solve your lawn problems. At Heritage, all of our employees are permanent – no subcontractors. They work year round, and are experienced in both lawn care and customer care. We find that having the same lawn coach all season not only helps us grow healthy lawns, but it helps us grow healthy relationships too. 

If you’re tired of traditional lawn care, give Heritage a try. With our Greenback Guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose. Get a healthy, weed-free lawn and the kind of service every homeowner wants…you know, the personal kind. 

Call us at (913) 396-6858 and get a free quote on a lawn care program or contact us online. We’ll use our software to get an aerial measurement of your yard and send you a quote via email ASAP.