Baling the Lawn

The spring rains are making the lawns grow like wild fire.  The rule is to mow frequently enough so that you don’t remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade.  Lawns are growing so fast right now that means mowing every 3 days.  But if you are like me you don’t have enough hours in a day to mow 2 or 3 times a week.  So you end up mowing grass that is eight inches tall.  What do you do?    You can’t leave the clumps of clippings on the lawn because they will suffocate the grass under it and leave bare spots.  Your options all revolve around handling the clippings.    1. You can bag the clippings and compost them for later use.  2.  You can double cut the lawn in opposite directions which cut the clippings up smaller so the filter down into the grass.3.  Use growth regulators like our mowing reducer during high growth times to reduce shoot elongation.  This gives you a few more days between mowings.  4.  Rake up the clumps after mowing.How ever you choose to do it,  makes sure you clean up your clippings or you will have bare spots which lead to weeds.