Ain’t Gonna Rake My Leaves No Mow!

Not looking forward to raking those thousands of leaves that will be falling soon? Then don’t. Mulch them instead. Many homeowners think they have to remove all of those leaves or it will be detrimental to their lawns. It is bad to leave the leaves on your lawn as it can kill the grass, but instead of raking and removing them (a monumental and time consuming task), just mulch them instead.

Mow – Don’t Rake Your Leaves

The easiest way to mulch your leaves is to use your lawn mower. Simply run your mower over your lawn whenever you get a buildup of leaves. Your lawn mower will pulverize those leaves into tiny pieces that will actually benefit your lawn. Shredded leaves will only take up about one tenth of the space they did before. Plus, when leaves and grass clippings are mixed together, the carbon from the leaves and nitrogen from the grass work together to speed up the breakdown process. A layer of mulched leaves will not harm your lawn and may even work as a herbicide against broadleaf weeds such as dandelions.

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Advantages to Mulching Leaves

Mulching has other benefits too. It’s a heck of a lot easier on you. Instead of raking and filling bags, you simply mow over them as you would mow your lawn. Also, when you bag leaves, they may end up in landfills taking up space. Of course, you still may want to rake them into a pile for the kids to play in, but then you can mulch them away. So that’s one more chore you can cross off of your list this fall. As you watch the leaves fall, enjoy the show knowing you don’t have to rake them up.

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