9 Tips to Avoid Lawn Damage from Kids, Pets, and Parties

Lawn Care Tips for Parties PicSummertime is great. The kids can play outdoors, the dog can run around in the sun for more than 10 minutes, and summer barbecues and picnics are a great way to catch up with friends and neighbors.

But all of this outdoor activity can cause some problems with your lawn. At Heritage Lawns, we know you want your lawn to look great. That’s why we came up with this list of ways to minimize the damage to your lawn this summer.


Common Causes of Lawn Damage & Tips to Avoid Them

Pets, children, and parties are the main culprits when it comes to damaging your lawn. We break it down one culprit at a time with some common sense and some clever tips to help you keep your lawn unscathed:

Crazy Kids

You love it when your kids go outside and play in the yard. They get fresh air, get away from TV and video games, and get exercise too. That’s why you got that swing set, right? But constant use of the same area can kill grass and create bare spots. Here are some tips for keeping kid-friendly areas looking good:

  • Put mulch or pea gravel under jungle gyms and swing sets so you don’t have to worry about bare spots.
  • Make sure to move large or heavy items like corn hole games, kid’s pools, or Slip-n-Slides to a new location every other day to keep them from turning the grass underneath brown. If you can, move them and store them somewhere off of the lawn when not in use.
  • Communicate with your kids about taking care of the lawn. Make it clear where it’s okay to dig and play (like in the sandbox or gravel) and where it isn’t.

Pet Peeves

We all love our pets, but sometimes we don’t like what they do to our homes and yards. Pets can be destructive, so here are some tips to keep them happy while keeping your yard protected:

  • Do you have a fence that your pets like to run which leaves a forever bare path next to it? Landscape that area with mulch and a few bushes or tall grasses to make it hard for them to run around.
  • If you have flower beds or gardens that your pet likes to dig in, deter them with a decorative fence or edging, or even some large rocks around the edge.
  • Watch where your dog urinates and immediately douse with a bucket of water or a hose and remove any other leavings. Female dogs tend to stay in one place, which can mean more urine in one spot, whereas male dogs like to “mark their territory” by urinating in several places.

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Backyard Barbecues

We all enjoy having friends over for a backyard barbecue, but not if the lawn takes a beating because of the traffic. Here are some tips to keep your guests where you want them and avoid damage to your lawn or landscape:

  • Pay attention to traffic flows. You can influence where your guests walk by the placement of your patio furniture, grill, etc. Make sure you allow enough room between these and your landscaping to prevent people from accidentally stepping on your flowers or bushes. Remember, people usually take the path of least resistance, so arrange accordingly.
  • If you have an area that is a natural pathway, you might consider adding stepping stones to it to protect the grass from the foot traffic.
  • Even when there is no party, be sure to move lawn furniture around to prevent killing the grass underneath.

We hope these tips help you to keep your yard looking beautiful all summer long. If you need help making your lawn green, healthy, and weed-free, give the pros at Heritage Lawns & Irrigation a call at (913) 451-4664 and we’ll be glad to help.