5 Reasons You Need A Modern Sprinkler System, Right Now

From convenience to water conservation, there are many reasons homeowners may consider bringing their sprinkler system into the 21st century. While your original sprinkler system might have served you well, chances are a smarter system could be saving you money year-round. Heritage Lawns brings you five reasons to consider upgrading your home sprinkler system to a new smart model today.

Control Your Sprinklers Remotely

check your lawn from vacationAs smart home technology continues to expand, homeowners are appreciating being able to program their sprinklers away from home using a mobile app. Forget to switch off the sprinklers on a rainy day? Away on vacation and need to change your watering schedule? Relax – it’s all on your phone.

Remote Troubleshooting

Having a customer service team that can remotely troubleshoot your sprinkler system takes the headache out of sprinkler management. This means fewer major breakdowns, and fewer at-home visits, so that you can keep your busy life on-schedule.

lawn puddle overwater

Soil Moisture Sensors

Leave the guesswork out of when to water your lawn for good! Now your lawn can automatically water itself without depending on what your busy schedule allows – and it knows when it needs it the most. Your days of patchy, brown grass, or a puddle covered, overwatered lawn are over.




ways to save waterWater Conservation

On average, a home that switches from an old sprinkler to a modern sprinkler system saves up to 60% of their water usage each year. In addition to saving you money, it’s good for the environment. Plus, top of the line systems will provide a monthly water savings report to keep you regularly updated on how much water you’re saving.

Convenient Service Hours

If you do happen to need assistance, Heritage Lawns & Irrigation staff is here to help with start-ups, shutdowns, and repairs. Since your smart system can tell us as soon as there’s a problem, you don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment – we’re already on our way! That remote activated system means you don’t need to be there for our visit, since we can troubleshoot and assist without stepping foot in your home.