4 Essential Things Your Lawn Needs in Early Spring To Look Great

Spring Fever Lawn Care PhotoWhen spring fever hits in Kansas City, everyone gets excited. We can’t wait to get out there and experience the sunshine and warm temperatures. And, of course, we are anxious to get our lawns in shape for the season.

So what should be done by both homeowners and lawn care professionals during this early part of the season? From the first signs of warm weather in March through mid‐April, there are a handful of jobs we can be taking on to help our lawns. The Heritage Lawns & Irrigation team has put together this Spring Fever List:

The Lawn Necessities for Early Spring

  • Clean Up Your Lawn – Remove dead leaves and plants. Not only does this make your yard look neater, it allows the sun to reach the grass blades that may have been covered by last year’s leaves, sticks, etc.

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  • Follow Early Mowing Practices – For the first mow of the season, we recommend dropping the mower height down to two inches. Attach bagger to the mower and mow off all of the dead grass in your lawn. This will make your grass appear healthier and greener right from the start, because any dead or damaged parts of the blade will be gone.
  • Fertilize Your Lawn – Apply a light treatment of organic-based fertilizer to the lawn to give it a good start.
  • Weed Control – Apply pre‐emergent to control grassy weeds in the turf before they sprout. Don’t forget the flower beds and shrub beds!

Don’t Forget: Weed Control Requires Treatment Early & Often

Getting weed control treatment on your lawn early is critical! Once the weeds sprout, adding pre-emergent won’t be able to help control them at all. That’s the secret to weed control. Hit ‘em early, hit ‘em hard, and stay on top of them all season.

You can’t get them all, but constant vigilance will greatly reduce your weed population season after season. If you have a lawn care company, they should be adding fertilizer and weed control products. If you’re more of a DIYer, make sure you get these things done.

Happy Spring, from the whole gang here at Heritage Lawns & Heritage!