3 Ways to Recycle Your Pumpkin After Halloween

Halloween is in just a couple days away and many front porches have jack-o-lanterns ready to light up the night. But, once Halloween has come and gone, what should we do with the pumpkins? Here are 3 options:

bigstock-142472498A Seasonal Treat

Everywhere you turn this time of year, everyone has their own version of a pumpkin spice drink or sweet. The tastiest way to get more out of your pumpkin this year is to find a recipe to try. Did you know that nearly every part of the fruit, including the gooey insides! Find 21 yummy recipes to try, here.

A Great Addition to Your Pumpkins Crying In A Compost BinCompost Pile

Pumpkins are 90% water which is why they break down so easily. You may have noticed, depending on when you carved them, that they have already begun to break down. If you don’t already have a compost pile, you can find local ones around Johnson County, here.

Note: To avoid sprouting pumpkin plants in your back yard, remove the seeds first.

pumpkin-feeder219x219One For the Birds

If they haven’t already, your neighborhood animals may make your pumpkins into an afternoon snack. Use this fun craft, to get the kids involved in both recycling and treating the wildlife. It’s the perfect way to open up conversations about nature!

Happy Halloween, everyone!