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  • Lawn care services in Kansas City from Heritage Lawns & Irrigation.

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    Fertilization lawn care programs and personal lawn coaching that will create a green lawn that will make you proud.

  • Sprinkler services in Kansas City from Heritage Lawns & Irrigation.

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    We can do everything with lawn sprinkler systems. Prompt, timely appointments, and we service all makes and models.

  • Tree and shrub services in Kansas City from Heritage Lawns & Irrigation.

    Tree & Shrub Services

    Wellness plans that protect your home's valuable landscape investment. Try our 3-step tree and shrub system.

  • Pest control services in Kansas City from Heritage Lawns & Irrigation.

    Pest Control Services

    Keeping bugs outside and your family safe inside. Pest Control Programs and Outside Bug Barriers.

Kansas City Lawn Care Services

At Heritage Lawns, we are Kansas City lawn care experts. We don’t just come out and spray for weeds. Our exclusive Eco-Pride system focuses on total lawn health, not just weed prevention. When you think lawn care Kansas City, remember the name Heritage lawns can help your lawn stand up to droughts, soggy springs, diseases, pests and weeds. That’s because an Eco-Pride lawn is a healthy lawn. Our Eco-Pride system starts with the soil. The soil is the foundation on which a healthy, beautiful stand of grass grows. We make sure the soil is balanced with the right amount of nutrition, aeration, drainage, etc. to provide what your grass needs to be healthy and resilient. Rather than harsh chemicals, we use biological fertilizers and environmentally friendly weed control to keep from killing off the good microbes in your lawn with the bad. Your soil stays balanced and healthy and your lawn looks great.

Sprinkler Repair & Installation by Certified Irrigation Specialists

But we don’t stop at lawn care. Our certified irrigation specialists are trained to examine soil samples, know root zone depths, pressure and flow rates, and conduct water distribution tests to give you the most effective and efficient sprinkler systems. Poorly designed irrigation systems waste water and ultimately cost you, the homeowner, money. We can handle sprinkler installation, sprinkler repairs, maintenance and winterization. If you have drainage issues, we can install downspout extensions, French drains and more.

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Free On-Site Tree & Shrub Care Consultations

Your lawn can’t look beautiful if your trees and shrubs aren’t healthy. Heritage Lawns has developed a unique tree and shrub service to enhance your valuable landscape specimen plants. Our special program consists of a series of inspections and treatments, custom-designed for your ornamentals, enabling us to offer the best results without unnecessary product applications. Do you need to have your trees and shrubs spruced up? Give us a call today and we’ll schedule a free Tree & Shrub Consultation at your Kansas City home!

Bug Barrier Pest Control Services

With your first Bug Barrier treatment, we spray both inside and outside your home to kill anything on either side of your walls. Once this total barrier is established, we will spray the exterior every few months to keep those pests at bay. Get rid of spiders, roaches, silverfish, ants and other unwanted guests and keep them out. Plus, our Bug Barrier creates a long-term solution. First, because it contains slow-acting chemicals that have staying power, we only have to spray the inside of your home once. After that, exterior treatments keep those bugs out for good. The result is fewer chemicals around your family and fewer bugs in your home. It’s easy, effective and convenient – all the things you want in a pest control program.

The Heritage Greenback Guarantee

Weather conditions can wreak havoc on a lawn. During the worst times of drought and heat, a typical lawn will show signs of stress like wilting and browning. That’s because even though the lawn looked beautiful when times were good, the soil wasn’t healthy enough to support it when times got rough. A Heritage lawn not only looks healthy, it is healthy so it stands up better to everything the Kansas City climate can dish out. We’re so confident in our Eco-Pride Lawn Care Services, we offer a money-back guarantee. Our Greenback Guarantee is our promise to you that if you’re not happy with your lawn, we’ll give you your money back. From aeration, seeding, and fertilization to disease and insect control, irrigation and tree and shrub care, Heritage and our Eco-Pride system will give you a lawn you can be proud of.

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    Getting a bonus is always nice. But at Heritage, we know every homeowner has different needs, so we offer you a choice of bonus services when you sign up for an Eco-Pride lawn care program. Besides getting a beautiful green lawn, you get to choose from these three bonus services:   Flea & Tick Treatment Tired of your pets getting… >> Read More

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